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Meet Michael and Segolene

cosmosis small(1)As the Centre of the Cosmosis® Mentoring Team Michael and Segolene King handle a large proportion of the One on One Cosmosis® Mentoring as well as the Group mentoring Processes.

Michael King

Michael has experience in many varied fields ranging from engineering design, development and manufacturing, personnel management, college teaching, the entertainment industry, information technology, management and skills-based training, spiritual counselling and natural therapies. He is fully Australian Government qualified as a Life Coach and Mentor.

Since 1993 Michael has been running his successful businesses and working as a mentor and educator in the field of personal growth.

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 Segolene King

Qualified Life Coach, Mentor and Group facilitator

Qualifications: Cert IV Mentoring and Coaching, Cert IV Training and Assessment, BA in International Business and Languages

Segolene is a life coach, mentor, group trainer/facilitator as well as a Cosmosis™ mentor and course writer for the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre. She is also a writer of articles and is currently writing her first novel - The Keys of Alchemy.

As a well-travelled French woman, Segolene has lived, studied and worked in various countries, learning much from the influence of different cultures. She a degree in International Business and Languages, and speaks four languages fluently. Her professional experience includes business administration, customer service, marketing, sales and hospitality. Segolene is a gifted teacher and healer, with experience in Sekhem and Reiki healing practices, and has explored various streams of personal growth and spirituality on her journey to authentic-self discovery.

Contrary to what many of you probably think, integrated mastery is not about wearing white robes and waving magic wands. Rather it is about fully living, loving and embracing Earth life whilst being the living embodiment of ones spiritual source. Only by bringing spirit into all aspects of Earth life are we able co-create a future where we will not only have a habitable planet to incarnate upon, but also the civilisation which we need in order to bring into being a new Golden Age of Enlightenment.

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 Nerida Miles

Nerida Miles is a Senior Cosmosis®  Mentor, Coach, Healer, Trainer and Course Facilitator within the Cosmosis® Mentoring Centre. She also serves in the capacity as student liason officer and is part of the Cosmosis® Ethics Committee which oversees the activities of all of our mentors here at the Cosmosis® Mentoring Centre.