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Cosmosis Mini Retreat

Come and spend a week with Segolene and Michael!

Come and stay in our home for one week as our guest, free of charge.

Each day you will receive a Cosmosis Alchemical Clearing and Activation. You simply pay for the Cosmosis sessions, the accommodation is our gift to you absolutely free in our home.

You arrive on the Saturday and you receive your first Cosmosis session on Saturday evening. All in all there are 3 Cosmosis Clearing and Activation Sessions with either Michael or Segolene, a Cosmosis Integrative Bodywork session with Nerida and Marguerite and also a Cosmosis Reading with Nerida.

As a bonus you will also attend the 2 Cosmosis Classes held each week and also Michael and Segolene’s Personal Cosmosis Mentoring Class.

As an extra bonus you will also receive 2 Cosmosis Crystal Healing Sessions with Michael over the course of the week.

Crystal Healing

All these Cosmosis sessions are included in the package price of $1750AUD and the accommodation is absolutely free as our guests. You will rest on the final Saturday and depart feeling transformed either on the Saturday evening or the Sunday morning.

If you would like to be considered for this package deal then please contact Nerida and place your name on the waiting list. Placing your name on the list does not guarantee a place. You will only be invited to visit once you are deemed to be ready to truly take advantage of this opportunity.

Please note: This page is only in anticipation of us getting our retreat facility up and running. This offer is not yet available.