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Cosmosis Career Paths

The Cosmosis® Mentoring Centre partners with it's sister faculty, The Global Coaching Academy to provide career paths within the fields of alchemy, metaphysics and transformational healing.


Cosmosis CareersThe Global Coaching Academy is dedicated to providing you with the most cutting edge academic training and qualification in your chosen field, supporting and encouraging you to discover your own unique capabilities and potential as you step forward into a flourishing career discovered through your own insight and inspiration. In short, our vision is to provide you with a sound foundation for insight into your life.

Our graduates come from many varied walks of life including doctors, attorneys, teachers, housewives, nurses, midwives, security guards, business owners, natural therapists, executives, vets, new agers, architects, counsellors and psychologists just to name a few.

We encourage and promote a new paradigm of planetary stewardship, setting high benchmarks of ethics, competency, equality, intuitive guidance and global sustainability.

There are many people with brilliant ideas on how to improve the conditions of our world. Yet these people rarely have the entrepreneurial skills, the support and the funds to really make it happen. The Cosmosis Mentoring Centre together with the Global Coaching Academy seeks to supply for this need and give potential future leaders a chance.

We currently provide an internationally recognised Diploma of Mentoring, Coaching and Interpersonal Facilitation accredited through the International Coach Federation which gives graduates the knowledge, skills and understanding to work deeply with people in a transofrmational way through a mentoring, coaching and facilitation capacity.Our programs are designed for those who are committed to making a difference in the world.

A foundation of clarity, integrity, insight and discernment underpins all areas and subjects of study at the Global Coaching Academy, in both personal and professional capacities. In short, it is all about win-win scenarios for all concerned, cultivating that competitive edge with wisdom and insight.

We know you could benefit from studying with us and that you would come away with skills that can assist you to be even more effective in your life and career.