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Cosmosis™ Testimonials

I met Michael King in 2009 when I visited the Perth area for the first time. He seemed a typical Aussie bloke with interest in old guns and antique cars. But if you look beneath the surface you find a different man. One who cares about the planet and the people on it. I have found that he will go to whatever length is needed to help his students grow as people, including taking us for motorbike rides. Michael truly combines the Australian spirit with his world view. I am a Medical Doctor and about as sceptical as they come but Michael has some kind of magic inside him. I have no idea how he does what he does but it works.

Working with the courses the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre has to offer has improved my personal and professional life in a variety of ways.  In my clinical setting it allowed me to assess the roles that I was playing and realign them to get better outcomes both for my patients and for myself.  I was able to decrease my stress levels and improve my time management.  I became a more effective healer through learning to set my intentions to listen and holding a field of compassion for my patients.

Within the clinic I used the tools I learned to work with my staff to improve patient care and inter staff relationships.  This was especially helpful in customer service and dealing with difficult clients.  We all learned to work more effectively with each other. My experience with the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre has now allowed me to set up my own practice and apply the tools in the creation and implementation of this practice.  What I have learned has been invaluable to me and my staff.

There is nothing else quite like the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre training. It truly is revolutionary. It frees you from fear and provides insight into who you really are like nothing I have ever known before. A voyage of self-discovery and self-empowerment that was so much fun it makes me smile just thinking about it. Do yourself a favour and really explore this training and it will change your life.
Dr. Jennifer Cornell - General Practitioner: Perth, Western Australia


As a commercial attorney and partner in an AV Rated law firm in the United States, I have found the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre's Life Coaching and Mentoring Program to be invaluable to my business. I am clearer, grounded and more able to make a difference as a result of the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre's teachings and ongoing support.  As an attorney, I often deal with people who are angry, confrontational and upset. The Cosmosis Mentoring Centre has shown me how to maintain clear and appropriate boundaries, be compassionate and not take things personally while negotiating settlements, managing my staff and marketing my company. I used to be stressed, anxious and overwhelmed at work, and this manifested as personality conflicts and tension between various members of my staff. Now I feel calm and filled with a sense of wonder and joy, and my staff works more harmoniously together as a team with each person doing what needs to do be done.  My firm is also more prosperous; money, clients and marketing opportunities are flowing to the firm where it used to feel like work and a struggle to 'get ahead'. I am forever grateful to the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre for opening a whole new way being to me as a professional and entrepreneur.  I highly recommend its classes, mentoring program, certifications, diplomas and retreats.
Arlene Cohen Miller, J.D. Attorney - Partner, Miller & Cohen, P.C. Longmont, Colorado USA

Working with Michael and the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre, has quite literally changed the shape of my life, both personally and professionally. With the learning and support given to me through the mentoring programme I have been able to see new possibilities, and gained understanding into what my passions were and where I wanted to head in my career and in my life. This has allowed me to become both a more skilled psychologist, and a more confident, loving and compassionate person. I now have far more impact and success in my work, as well as enjoying it so much more.  I also have more clarity, energy and joy and have learned the importance of letting go of the past, creating a present that you want to be a part of, and living the life you love. Michael shows how to live life fully, love unconditionally, and inspires me to choose to support the development, growth and learning of all humanity so that we may be part of creating a world filled with harmony, joy love and respect for all.
Claudia Vayda - Psychologist NSW


I have worked with Michael over the years and have found him to be a compassionate and genuine person. He consistently inspires, motivates and in his own unique way challenges you to achieve your potential in all areas of your life. He has encouraged me to be true to myself, to acknowledge my potential and step forward to achieve it. Michael gave me practical tools and insightful advice on the steps I need to take to overcome resistance, address the areas in my life I had been avoiding and most importantly make those difficult life choices. Thanks to Michael my future looks bright. I have a greater sense of purpose and certainty in my ability to achieve whatever I set out to do.

 My life is forever changed, Thank you Michael for the tremendous difference you have made to my life.
Debbie Seaton - Financial Counsellor


As a facilitator of a leadership program in a public health setting I use a variety of tools to assist clinicians to recognize their strengths and build from that firm foundation. Deepening an understanding of who we are as leaders requires an awareness of what we do so we can make conscious choices to do more of what is working and let go of what isn’t.

The Cosmosis Mentoring Centre has been invaluable assisting me to deepen my understanding of how to build relationships with people where creating a safe space for participants to explore and access their knowing creates transformation. Clinicians often don’t recognise what they have to offer as they are so busy just getting on with what needs doing.  Creating a space where there is time and value in reflection builds an awareness of what each is contributing  and how these skills can be transferred to the teams they lead builds confidence and an appreciation of the unique gift each brings.

As a facilitator I am continually learning how to deliver the program more effectively and this course has been instrumental in clearing my limitations and barriers allowing me to assist others to do the same if they choose.
Julie Skinner - Registered Nurse and Trainer in the Public Health System


Inspiring! A training for change agents aligned with the ideals and highest ethics of joyfully empowering the best scenario for a winning world!  A place to nurture the biggest dreams, from the simplest to the most complex, and the skills to ground them with pure motives and integrated awareness! In over six years of working with Michael as my mentor and life coach, I have learned from him more about what it is to earn someone's trust through demonstrating trustworthiness than anyone I have ever met in my whole life. Michael demonstrates and lives by an extremely high ethic, and sticks to his ethics no matter what presents. He has earned my trust as a truly exceptional man, who loves for the sake of loving, and turns every experience and all of his work with thousands of people, into wisdom to be even more useful and to serve, and apply himself in the most efficient way to the grounding of his understanding that there is "always a better way". Michael is genuine and strong and has the greatest compassion and kindness I have encountered. With clarity and a depth of understanding, he has devoted his life to support everyone he can to self-actualize and to reach their highest potential possible. I am honoured to know him, as he demonstrates that, right here on the ground, in this wild world with its full spectrum of characters, we can choose to act and express ourselves in a way that adds to "the solution" in service to an integrated, harmonious vision for a better world.
Marguerite Link Carney – midwife and natural birth coach – Perth WA, NZ and USA


My Registered Training Organisation employs more than 50 staff in which I work closely with a team of 8 managers. One of the core keys to the maintenance and growth of the Education Institute is effectiveness of our communication and how this translates into thorough understanding ultimately leading each team into achieving their individual department targets.
My learning through the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre has not only helped me to engage with my teams of professionals in a far deeper and meaningful way, but has also significantly helped me to integrate a new way of approaching my business which continues to positively unfold throughout all areas of my life.
Up until my learning with the Cosmosis mentoring Centre, I found that in some cases with differing communication styles my communication may have well as been communicated in a foreign language, we would perceived most sentences in a different way. The benefit in which my new communication style has taken on is one which is adaptable to any communication style in any situation which has helped me create greater and easier outcomes from these conversations.
My organisation is highly innovative and goal focused, the easiest way forward for us is simply 'together' in which it relies significantly on how trouble shooting is conducted, solutions created and the communication style in which underpins our positive working culture. I am very grateful for the learning in which I have received from the Cosmosis Mentoring Centre and highly recommend them to anyone which is looking for professional grade learning and assessment.
Nathan Wheldon - Chief Executive Officer – The Education institute


Michael came into my life 11 years ago when a dear friend suggested I might like to check out his website. This led to a phone call and a visit as a very dear and valued friend, colleague and mentor entered my life and it has been enriched ever since. Michael stood by me through a challenging time in my life, encouraging me to honour the experience and to grow from it in integrity. He has been an inspiration as one who has a strong work ethic, compassion and a rather wicked sense of humour. One who has a passion to live life fully and so engages with it through his love of his family, music, motorbike, gun and car collections, his friendships and ability to ‘give it a go’. It is very refreshing to have the friendship of someone who sets an inspiring example of lightness of heart, living an extraordinary life in an ordinary way while always being in integrity with the humility to be open to new learning in every moment. I am a better person for knowing him and developing a wicked sense of humour too!
Lorraine Town - Owner of Wisdom Heart


I love the way Michael’s approach to life is so down to earth and humble in such a well-rounded way. His great gentlemanliness is an oasis in the desert.
Jenny Parker - Reflexologist, Healer and Teacher


By the time I found Michael and his team, I had quite a bit of baggage and some really self-defeating habits. Those who knew me would say I was a happy, cheerful and positive person, but I never showed them the part of me that was weeping inside. I doubted they could handle me like that and kept that defective part deeply hidden inside. Michael saw right through the facade but never batted an eyelid. This both terrified me and filled me with hope. I began working with him and his team about 8 years ago and am so glad I mustered the courage to face the things I feared and begin to live my life honestly and let go of the mask. On the outside, you may not notice much difference, but the changes inside are quite profound. And yet his wisdom is simplicity and unconditional love itself. I love working with a mentor. Life continues to unfold as I grow and blossom. These days I no longer feel lost; instead I feel empowered to choose my own direction and take hold of my destiny rather than be buffeted by both internal and external turmoil. Life is better because of my mentor. Thank you, Michael.
Belinda Baillie - CEO Global Coaching Academy